Plant a seed; harvest a dream.

Every year, we at Just Cards Direct donate 10% of our profit to our partner charities, most of which work in the developing world. This year, as well as our usual donations, we wanted to support a project right on our doorstep. For that reason, when a local teenager reached out to us about an exciting karting sponsorship, we happily agreed to make the dreams and ambitions of this young lad come to fruition!

Meet Tristan Sharpe, a 16-year-old GCSE level student and avid karting enthusiast. He loves everything around motorsports, and karting has helped him get through some tough times. Tristan has shown great aptitude and skill on the racing track, and he is now ready to take his hobby to the next level.

He and his friends are planning to compete in a series of national tournaments around the country, however this new endeavour comes at a great monetary expense. Our sponsorship with Tristan and his team will enable them to afford the season and enjoy the sport that they all love. More importantly, it provides great encouragement for our local youth to spend time outside, be active and have a sense of purpose in life. We are very excited for Tristan and wish him all the best in his upcoming races! 

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Find Tristan on Instagram and follow his karting journey: tristansharperacing